Coated Abrasives Sub-Association of CMTBA(CNCAA)

CNCAA to Participate in the Japan Deburring Techniques Seminar

Updated: 2014-02-11 08:55:42

Seminar focusing on deburring techniques and coated abrasives processing had been held successfully in Osaka, Japan in Dec. 13th, 2013. China Coated Abrasives Association felt honored to be invited by the committee to attend the seminar.

This seminar is organized by the Deburring & Coated Abrasive Processing Committee, which is actually a Japanese non-profit private research institute founded by colleges and universities voluntarily. The institute takes the research on metal deburring techniques as the main responsibility, and regularly hold activities to expand academic exchanges and provide technical support for the enterprise.

The first theme of the seminar is to discuss the new application of nylon grinding compound silk in deburring processing. This kind of technology has been widely applied in Japan, especially in the field of automobiles manufacturing industry.

Then, the second topic focuses on the deburring inside the tiny hole through electrical discharge machining. After the speeches, some representatives have a fierce discuss about their doubts and suggestions with the speakers.