Coated Abrasives Sub-Association of CMTBA(CNCAA)

General secretary of CNCAA visited abrasives factories in innovation and upgrading

Updated: 2014-02-11 08:51:03

Recently, the General Secretary of China Coated Abrasives Association along with the manager of iAbrasive carried out a field trip to some abrasives enterprises in Henan province. In answer to the government’s call for saving energy and reducing emission, these enterprises are in the process of innovation and upgrading now. 


According to the feedbacks from the factory, current extensive management pattern in China can not keep up with the strict demands of the overseas market, as a result of which every enterprise is looking for a new way out.


 “while for us, innovation should be put on the first place, and only through continuous technical research and development will we not be knocked out from the international competition.” the principal from one company says so.


“so we are to make innovative improvements on the automatic manufacturing equipments introduced from some developed countries, and the goal is to increase working efficiency by double. Overall, we still feel optimistic about the abrasives market in the coming 2014.” he continues.


During the visits, the general secretary Mr. Wang introduced the key jobs of the association in 2014 and emphasized the importance of innovation in industrial transformation and upgrading.


To better boost technical innovation, CNCAA will carry out testing services on new sanding belt grinding machines with a view to setting up an information exchange platform. Besides, we have entered into cooperations with ( to assist coated abrasives manufacturers in expanding foreign trade business.